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Solution Highlight –

  • APS 2600 (100M License – AC)
  • APS Maintenance Support – Tier 3
  • APS Standard Subscription to ATLAS Intelligence Feed
  • APS 2600/2800 4x1GE Copper NIC
  • APS Maintenance Support – Tier 3

Always On, In-Line, DDoS Protection

Out of the box, on-premise protection against volumetric, state-exhaustion and application-layer DDoS attacks.

Managed APS (mAPS) Service

Rely upon the industry leading expertise of Arbor Networks to manage your on-premise Arbor APS products and optimize your DDoS protection.

Inbound and Outbound Protection

Stop in-bound DDoS attacks and out-bound malicious activity from compromised internal hosts.

Support for Vitual & Hybrid-Cloud Envirnments

vAPS is a virtual version of the APS appliance that can be run in your private virtual envionment or in Amazon Web Services (AWS), providing unified pretection for your hybrid-cloud environment.

Intelligently Automated Cloud Signaling

When needed, signal upstream to Arbor Cloud (or your ISP) to stop large attacks that will overwhelm your on-premises protection.

ATLAS Intelligence Feed

Protection that is continuously updated with the latest global threat intelligence from Arbor’s Security Engineering & Response Team (ASERT).

Embedded SSL Inspection

Stop DDoS attacks hidden in encrypted traffic.

Support for IPVG

Detect and stop both IPv4 and IPv6 attacks.

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